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Two-Night and Three-Night Minimum STAYS
We require a minimum two-night booking for off season and a three-night minimum during peaks season weekends. Weekends include Thursday/Friday, Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. Any stay that includes a Friday or Saturday night is considered a “weekend” and will require a two-night minimum at weekend rates.

As a note, seasonally, some cabins may be available for one-night rental on weekends. This offer is only available when specifically advertised.

THREE Night Minimum Stays
Holiday rentals and Special Event rentals require a minimum three-night booking with a 36 day notice of cancellation. Holiday rentals are defined as any rental period that includes the following holiday and the day or weekend immediately preceding said holiday: New Years Eve/Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


NO Pets
Pets are not permitted under any circumstance, including day visits. If pets are brought to the premises, you will be subject to a professional cleaning fee which is a minimum of $250.

NO Smoking
Our cabins are non-smoking.  If smoking is conducted on the premises, you will be subject to a professional cleaning fee.

Age To Rent
You must be 24 or older to rent.  As the responsible member of your group, you will be responsible for any occurrences and damages during the stay.


Deposit and Payment Policies
We accept credit cards for payment of deposits and rental fees. A deposit is required upon booking any cabin rental. Said deposit will equal 50% of the total rental fee for the booking. If you are staying for one night, the Full amount is due at the time of the reservation.  Please note, reservation dates will not be held until the deposit is received.

For Standard Rentals the balance due will be charged to the credit card on file approximately four-weeks prior to arrival. For Holiday and special event rentals the balance due will be charged to the credit card on file approximately five-weeks prior to arrival.  For your convenience, we accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. The credit card used for billing must be in the same name as the person placing the reservation. Checks or money orders are not accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made 30 or more days prior to the date of arrival will be refunded the prepaid amount minus a $100 cancelation fee. Cancelations made 29 days or less from the arrival date, will not receive a refund of the prepaid amount and the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file.

Holiday rentals and Special Event rentals require a 45 day notice of cancellation.  Holiday and Special Event Rental Cancellations made 45 or more days prior to the date of arrival will be refunded the prepaid amount minus a $100 cancelation fee.  Cancelations made 44 days or less from the arrival date, will not receive a refund of the prepaid amount and the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file.

    • Specials or promotional rates are not refundable.
    • Approved changes to the dates of your reservation are subject to a $50.00 change fee.
    • There are no cancellations due to inclement weather. We cannot provide transportation for guests and are not liable for any towing charges you may incur during your stay. If you foresee a problem with getting to your cabin we recommend you bring snow chains or a four-wheel drive vehicle.  The weather can change rapidly in Ohio especially during the winter so we recommend that you plan your trip accordingly and purchase travel insurance.   For local road conditions, please call: Ohio State Highway Department (740) 593-6611 or #677

Cancellation Policy for Wedding Ceremonies, Events, and/or Receptions
No refunds will be given for cancellations within 90 business days of a scheduled event. Wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties, events, and/or reception cancellation schedule is as follows:
a) Up to 90 days prior to event day, 50% refund of the total amount.
b) Less than 90 days prior to event, no refund.


Travel Insurance/Refunds
Even the best planned vacations can be impacted by the unexpected.  Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation investment and incur unplanned expenses.  We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance especially in the winter months.   There are many travel insurance options such as: AAA, Allianz –, RedSky Insurance –, etc.  We recommend you take the time to research the best travel insurance for your vacation needs.  We do not provide refunds for sever weather conditions or power outages. In addition, we do not provide refunds for electronic, hot tub mechanicals, telephone and internet service, television service, and other luxuries if they become inoperable during your stay due to conditions beyond our control. Once notified of such issues, we will send a technician to address them as quickly as possible.


Maximum Occupancy
The maximum occupancy for each cabin applies to the cabin property as a whole (tents or campers/recreational vehicles are not permitted). To ensure guest safety, the maximum occupancy cannot be exceeded.  If you misrepresent the number of people in your group, you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.


Fireplaces, Fire Rings, and Firewood
Fireplaces are open for use October 15 through March 31st only. For wood burning fireplaces due to Regulations we are unable to provide firewood. Wood and fire starter items can be obtained from local venders and other grocery & convenience stores.  Fire rings are available at each cabin, fires are only permitted in those designated area.  Guests are required to follow local fire regulations and are encouraged to contact the Ohio State Division of Forestry to check restrictions and bans – 877-247-8733  For all fires, it is the responsibility of the guest to continually monitor and fully extinguish the fire when departing the area.


Hot Tubs
USE OF THE HOT TUB IS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION AND RISK. Guest acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for the safety of all individuals, approved or unapproved, including children, while using hot tubs.  Guest understands there is no lifeguard on duty and supervision is their responsibility. Guest agrees to release all liability of Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC. Please review the hot tub rules with each member of your group.  The rules are posted next to each hot tub. Hot tub use is strictly at your own choice/risk. By using the hot tub, and upon making a reservation, you are absolving Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC and the cabin owner(s) of any and all responsibility related to the hot tub or its use. Each guest should shower before and after using a hot tub.  Persons who have high blood pressure, skin sensitivities, or who might be pregnant are prohibited from using the hot tub. If in doubt, please consult your physician prior to using the hot tub. Drinking alcoholic beverages before or during the use of the hot tub is prohibited.  If you have been drinking hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to rise.  Do not wear jewelry into a hot tub due to the chemicals used. The chemicals in hot tubs can also affect color-treated hair or damage swimsuits.  Upon arrival at your cabin if you have any questions or concerns after inspecting the hot tub please call our office.

DAMAGES TO HOT TUBS AND HOT TUB COVERS  Hot tubs and their covers are inspected after each rental.  Please keep soaps, bubble baths, bath oils, alcohol and food away from the hot tubs. If these items are used in the hot tubs, an additional cleaning fee of $100+ could be assessed. Hot tub covers are easily damaged since they are largely constructed of a lightweight Styrofoam used to assist in easier removal. We ask that you inspect the hot tub for any damage upon your arrival and advise us immediately of any problems.  Covers should be kept on the hot tubs and tethered/secured whenever the hot tub is not in use. When removing the hot tub cover, please place it in a safe location. Children and adults walking on the tops of hot tub covers WILL break the cover.  These covers cost $450-$600 each and will be charged back to you if damages are discovered after you have checked out (other than those you have reported as being there at your arrival).  The hot tub chemical floater should remain in the hot tub at all times.


Property Use
Guest agrees that the Premises are to be used and occupied by Guest as a private dwelling, and for no other purpose. In the event of a change in occupancy, the application process and approval from Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC is required in advance. No parties, receptions, large gatherings, weddings, or similar events are permitted without prior written authorization. Complaints of excessive noise and foul language or any other unlawful activity may result in immediate eviction from Premises. The entire amount of any rent, fees, and deposits will be forfeited if guest is evicted.


It is expected that major systems in and around the Premises including, but not limited to, air conditioning, washer, dryer, refrigerator, hot tub, etc., as well as utility services such as electric, water, cable/satellite TV, internet, and natural gas could potentially break or be disrupted from time to time. Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC will attempt, during normal business hours, to repair the problem as soon as possible. Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC assumes no liability to Guest if such should occur, as all products have a useful life and break down occasionally. For assistance, call our office at the number provided in your check-in information.  For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.


Unforeseen Conditions
If any unforeseen conditions or problems with the Premises arise prior to or during Guest’s stay, Agent reserves the right to either refund Guest’s payment, pro-rate, or place Guest in a comparable property with similar amenities, number of bedrooms, etc. Such unforeseen conditions could be the following but are not limited to: mechanical issues, storms, vandalism, flood, construction, etc. Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC assumes no responsibility for such unforeseen conditions.


Guests and their guests agree to adhere to local laws, rules, and regulations, to not disturb the peace, to keep the property in a clean and sanitary condition, and to comply with the no-smoking and no-pets rules. Guests are subject to immediate eviction and removal from the rental for the following reasons: (1) Smoking anywhere inside Premises; (2) Pets on the rental property; (3) Violation of the Illegal drug or Activity provision; (4) Guests under the age of 21 years who are not related to Guest; or (5) Complaints of noise, loud music, foul language, or otherwise disturbing of the peace; (6) Violation of any fire safety policy; (7) Destruction and/or damage of the Premises; (8) Failing to vacate the Premises by the aforementioned checkout date and time; or (9) For any reason the Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC deems appropriate in order to maintain the safety and security of the Premises and surrounding areas. The entire amount of rent and security/damage deposit will be forfeited for violation of any of the foregoing reasons, regardless of whether Guest is evicted.

Indemnity Clause
The registered renter and their guests agree to indemnify Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC, owners and agent of any damages to the premises which result from the renter’s occupancy (including furnishings and household items) and/or damages found upon arrival that Cabins at Waters Edge was not notified about upon check-in.  The registered guest is the one who will be charged for any damages his/her group causes to the property.  Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC will NOT be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. The registered guest assumes full responsibility for any and all damages that his/her group causes, excessive cleaning charges for problems caused by his/her group, or for any items found to be missing after his/her group’s visit, including but not limited to linens and towels. Guest agrees that all personal property on the Premises shall be at the risk of Guest except as provided by Ohio State Law. Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC, shall not be liable in any manner for loss due to theft or damage sustained by fire or water, howsoever caused, or by any other cause to Guest’s personal property. Guest shall be responsible for the cost of repairing the Premises and/or any property that is damaged during Guest’s occupancy of the Premises, ordinary wear and tear excepted.   By making a reservation, it is agreed that all guests of the registered renter are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.  Except as provided by Ohio State Law, Cabins at Waters Edge LLC  is not be liable for claims, demands, causes of action, judgments, attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses arising from or connected with Guest’s use or occupancy of the Premises or that Premises adjacent thereto; nor claims, demands, causes of action, judgments, attorney’s fees, costs and expenses for property damage, bodily injuries or death suffered or caused in or about said Premises or the premises adjacent thereto, resulting directly or indirectly from the acts or neglect of Guest.  Guest agrees to settle any disputes and/or legal complaints arising under or related to this contractual agreement, through the process of arbitration. Guest agrees to waive the right to sue, participate in class-action lawsuits, and appeal. Furthermore, guest agrees to pay all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees, as allowed by law, expended or incurred by Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC by reason of any default or breach by Guest of any of the terms of this Lease.

Cabins at Waters Edge, LLC


Sale of Property
On rare occasions, cabin investment properties may be sold and management responsibilities transferred. Under these, and similar circumstances, reservations that are unable to be transferred, Agent reserves the right to either refund Guest’s payment, pro-rate, or place Guest in a comparable property with similar amenities, number of bedrooms, etc.

Assumption of Risk

  • Tenant assumes all risk of loss or damage to property or person as a result of Tenant’s or Tenant’s guests’ (collectively “Tenant”) use of any items on landlord’s premises including but not limited to equipment, appliances and hot tubs. Tenant’s use of such items is solely and strictly at tenant’s own risk. Landlord does not warrant or make any representation as to the fitness for use of any such item or that any such item will function properly.
  • Tenant is aware that this home is a vacation rental home. It has a deck, railings, stairs, hot tubs, access to pond and many other DANGERS. Please use CAUTION. Please keep small children under constant supervision. Tenant is solely responsible for insuring the safety of children, themselves, or any guest of tenant.
  • Hunting/ATV’s/Firearms/Fireworks: Hunting, the use of firearms, ATV’s and Fireworks on the premises is prohibited.
  • And as a reminder the following is PROHIBITED: SWIMMING, WADING, BOATING, WATERSPORTS, ICE SKATING, OR FLOATING in the ponds & streams.  The ponds may ONLY be used for fishing.
  • Tenant is solely responsible for, and agrees to and does hold Landlord absolutely harmless, from any and all liability, injury, death or harm of any kind as a result of Tenant’s rental of this property.


Ohio Fair Housing Law:
It is illegal, pursuant to the Ohio Fair Housing Law, Division (H) of Section 4112.02 of the Revise Code and the Federal Fair Housing Law, 42 U.S.C.A  3601, to refuse to sell, transfer, assign, rent, lease, sublease, or finance housing accommodations, refuse to negotiate for sale or rental of housing accommodations, or otherwise deny or make unavailable housing accommodations because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status as defined in Section 412.01 of the Revised Code, ancestry, disability as defined in that section, or national origin or to so discriminate in advertising the sale or rental of housing, in the financing of housing, or in the provision of real estate brokerage services. It is illegal, for profit, to induce or attempt to induce a person to sell or rent a dwelling by representations regarding the entry into the neighborhood of a person or persons belonging to one of the protected classes.