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Hiking is abundant in the region, especially in the many parks situated throughout the valley.  The area parks are the crown jewels of Southeastern Ohio, each offering its own unique version of this spectacular region.” .  While they are each different, they will all steal your breath and leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Old Man's Cave

The most famous and visited park in the Hocking Hills region, it features two significant waterfalls, deep gorges, and stunning rock formations.

Cedar Falls

Another favorite for regulars, this park features well-marked paths, a fifty-foot waterfall and a scenic picnic area.

Ash Cave

Offering a wheelchair and stroller friendly trail and restroom, Ash Cave can be enjoyed by everyone.  It offers one of the most impressive recess caves in the area, with a 700 foot wide cave that was once used for shelter by early native peoples.

Cantwell Cliffs

Situated twenty minutes outside the other more popular parks, Cantwell Cliffs is a hidden gem.  With trails that wind through soaring cliff-faces and narrow passages, it is well worth the extra drive-time.

Conkie's Hollow

Featuring one of the deepest gorges in Ohio, Conkle’s hollow will take your breath away.  After experiencing the 200-foot cliffs, enjoy the waterfalls waiting at the end of the trail.

Clear Creek Metro Park

A nature-lover’s paradise, Clear Creek Metro Park is home to more than 1,200 plant species and 150 species of birds.

Lake Logan

Some of the best fishing in Ohio can be found at Lake Logan, so cast your line today.  This park also features secluded walking paths and scenic picnic areas.


Discover this natural bridge flanked by a beautiful waterfall in this easy-to-access attraction.   Or, hike a little further to see the falls from a different angle.

Rock House

Visit the only true cave in the system and explore the naturally carved windows and rooms in this park you won’t soon forget.

Lake Hope

Rich in natural scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, the park features swimming, canoeing and an award-winning seasonal restaurant.